These Kids Said Some Of The Most SHOCKING Things To Their Parents! These Are Hilarious!

I have such a weakness for clever little kids! They see a situation and draw their own conclusions without the aid of past experiences or coming up with the most ridiculous reasoning! When you take their words at face value, they usually do make quite a bit of sense if you can understand why they said a certain thing…when this happens in my life, I have to try so hard not to LAUGH at my kids! I don’t want to discourage them from asking questions, but how can you NOT let out a chuckle or two when they ask things like this?!

12.7m Oh my! These are so funny! My favorite out of this list is when little DJ stepped onto the scale and asked mom how much he cost! We go to the grocer a few times a week, and the only real encounter he has with a scale is to see “how much these potatoes cost” or “I can only afford this many grapes.” Of course he would draw this conclusion! “I’m on the scale, it must be to see how much I cost.”

FUNNY! Pass this on to your friends for a good laugh!

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