These Kids Don’t Quite Understand What It Means To “Pray,” And Their Mealtime Attempts Are Hilarious!

These hilarious prayers by kids made me laugh out loud! It reminded me of all the times that people have gotten song lyrics completely wrong, or didn’t understand a common phrase or saying. Or like when a 3-year-old wants “pasghetti” for dinner. Too cute!

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I’m sure these parents took the time to explain what their prayers were supposed to mean…but I have to agree with the kid who just couldn’t make himself pray for that disgusting broccoli! But for me, the cleverest prayer of all was that LACK of prayer for the left-overs! He’s got a point. As far as he knew, praying was for the meal in front of you…not so much the reasons behind the prayers! That must have been one interesting conversation! These are just so funny!

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