These Kids Are Learning VALUABLE Lessons…One Chair At A Time!

Sometimes the best lessons that we learn in life don’t cost us a dime. While trying to teach thee school children about the needs of those around them, one teacher stumbled across a way to really make an impact on her students. It’s easy to get out-of-touch with the world around us when we have everything that we need. When we start to realize that others might be struggling more in life, we do small things like donate to charity, drop off extra food at local churches, or give old clothing away at clothing drives. But this teacher wants her students to really understand what it means to give to others!

In our community, we are very blessed to have an organization called Food for Friends. They help provide funds for us to have a snack program for all the children in the school and lunch for those who need it. As a teacher, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that our children are nourished so that they can concentrate on learning and not their hungry tummies.

The children are raising money for the organization as well right now. I think this is so important for them to learn to be appreciative for what they have. The children paid a dollar to enter a crazy sock competition. It was such a joyful and fun assembly. On Monday, we have to live free of something.

I have stacked all of the chairs in the classroom, and we watched some videos from Save the Children to compare our room to other impoverished schools in the world. I will give the children a dollar each when they live without chairs for the day. They will all be able to donate to Food for Friends, and hopefully they will be more grateful for all they have!

After a day of learning on the floor, without desks or tables, these students will appreciate what they have been given a lot more. They had heard about the students who learn without furniture in their classrooms. They give to those who can’t afford food. But after living it for one day, they will definitely be more appreciative in the future!

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