These Intricate Pie Crusts Will Inspire You To Step Up Your Holiday Pies!

As the holidays approach and the weather cools down, more and more of us turn to baking sweet and savory pies to get us through the cold nights. While most of us use the pre-made pie crusts that you can buy in the frozen section, one pastry chef is showing the world that a pie can be so much more than “just a pie.” Karin Pfeiff Boschek proves that they can be art.By using cut-outs, stamps, indentations, and clever knife work, she creates stunning pie crusts that are too pretty to eat. Well, almost. If her pie crusts are anything to go by, we’d bet that her pies taste even better than they looks. (Is that even possible?!)

Her designs are inspiring people all over the world, leaving many to wonder if they could pull off a few inspired designs themselves. How much fun would it be to go to your mother-in-law’s annual holiday party with one of these awesome pies to display?One of the best parts about these designs is the use of blank space to create a layered and intricate visual. With flowers layered over flowers, circles punched out of blank dough, and leaves woven around the pie instead of the traditional “pinched” crust, these pies are just…wow.
Have you ever tried something like this? Will you try one after seeing these amazing images? These are just outstanding!

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