These Inmates Spend Their Days Helping The Blind…And It Leads Them To New Careers!

The inmates at Scotland Correctional Institution in North Carolina have been changing the lives of blind students and adults in an effort to put their remaining time in prison to good use. While they may have made mistakes in the past, they are making a real difference in the lives of the blind.

Learning braille can take up to a year to learn fully. Learning to transcribe music can takeĀ years, but these translators have a lot of time on their hands and have dedicated their lives to learning.

23 prisoners spend their days transcribing educational texts in science, math, and music as requested by teachers in Wyoming, Connecticut, Colorado, and North Carolina. Knowing that they are helping children to learn despite their disabilities makes each day worth it.
In 2016, they were reported to have translated over one thousand books. They never expected to find a useful way to spend their days in prison, but the opportunity to give back to society gives them hope for the future.

The skills that they learn as Braille Transcribers allows them to easily find new careers after they finish out their sentences which means that they very rarely return to a life of crime.

Being able to help others in need is a powerful tool.

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