These Hilarious Protest Signs Are Perfect At Saying Exactly What They Mean

People gathering in a public place to voice their disappointments can make a huge statement when it comes to raising awareness on certain issues…but sometimes, other people go just for the fun of it or to lighten the mood. These silly protest signs have been spotted at rallies and protests around the world. They are just too funny!

Dad jokes, everyone.This protester decided to get a little personal.Granny isn’t having any of your sass today!Who goes to a large gathering and doesn’t bring their own refreshments? This guy.This one speaks volumes. The irony of standing in the freezing cold? Yikes.Well, it’s true enough.Maybe some people just show up at these things to make friends?And the best of all…What would you say to someone who brought a sign like this to a rally you were involved in? Would you be really angry…or would you just laugh?!

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