These Hilarious “Life Hacks” Are So Useless, They’re Almost Clever

Are you sick of “life hacks?” Are they just too complicated? Do they make you angry? Well, fear not! Now, you can enjoy actually useful life hacks that can help you out all the time! From weight loss to saving time to identifying dangerous amphibians, these hacks have got you covered…well, sort of.
Freezer meals are the best! If you can prepare for their preparation, it saves twice as much time! Tired of carrying all those tubes? Save space in your duffel!Tired of the break-ins around the holidays? Giving away tips that you may or may not have really valuable stuff inside of your home is a common mistake. If you take longer than a minute, it counts as twice!When in doubt, just get out!
Expert advice. It’s the only way to be sure.Did these make you laugh?! Share them with a friend! Too funny!

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