These Hilarious Dogs Show Us Exactly Why People Love Dogs

What if dogs could talk? This artist takes the humorous approach to give our favorite canine pals a voice to say what they’re really thinking…while some of them might be a stretch, dog owners everywhere can certainly relate! Does your dog fit a few of these comic strips?

Some dogs make it through rigorous training programs to aid humans with everyday tasks. Others…fail those rigorous training programs!Dogs are notorious for smelling things that stink! The more odorous, the more they want to roll around on top of it (especially if they’ve just had a nice bath)…but there is one thing they should do well to avoid!Since they don’t speak a language, dogs often respond to tone of voice rather than focus on what we’re saying…a few choice words, like “bath” or “walk” might get a reaction, but if you use that “happy” voice, they don’t care what you’re saying! This dog suddenly wishes he could understand English. “Read the room!”

A well-trained dog knows who an “easy mark” is! The guest at dinner is usually a safe bet!Do your dogs act like this? It feels almost universal! This artist really nailed these comics!

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