These High School Students Threw A Senior Prom For These Seniors! It Was Every Bit As Adorable As You’d Expect!

TERRA Environment Research Institute is a high school in Miami. The students wanted to volunteer their time and do something special for the local elderly at a nursing home nearby. When they told the senior citizens residing at The Palace Nursing Home that there would be a “senior senior prom,” many were very excited! There would be food, music, and even a prom king and queen!

The staff of the nursing home crowned a king and queen, using beautiful crowns and taking lots of pictures!
4.28a5One of the attendees to the prom was 101 years old; Eleanor Bessin, who still has a photo of her original prom date in her possession. It was a beautiful party filled with old memories and many more new ones!
4.28a6The volunteers took a picture with the “court” and their school’s mascot.4.28a7Crowning the king and posing with the mascot, these seniors got to relive their high school prom all over again! And get a look at that beautiful cake! It looks amazing! 4.28a8While many of the residents were relying on their wheelchairs, they still enjoyed dancing with each other and with the students! There are 75 who live in the home, and they were excited to have a big event that was just for them. The “prom” experience was a huge success! Getting dressed up, eating delicious food, and dancing together made the day a party to remember!

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