These High Fashion Rain Boots Are Confusing. And Kind Of Gross.

There’s a reason that most people don’t go out and buy shoes made of plastic, but Chanel doesn’t care about how things used to be done, they care about the fashion of the future. What’s popular and what’s not changes on an hourly basis, but if the reactions on Twitter are anything to go by, they may have very well missed the mark on this one.

Plastic clothing doesn’t agree very well with human skin. Sticky, sweaty, and sometimes painful, people might use vinyl and rubber over their everyday clothing to protect themselves from the rain…but wearing the sleek “fabric” on its own sounds nuts. 

People were also baffled that raincoats weren’t really included in the lineup. Vinyl gloves that didn’t cover fingers, Vinyl boots worn without socks (you can see the moisture already forming inside of that boot), and hats that didn’t cover very much were the stars of the show. This interesting plastic-wrap sort of dress also made an appearance.

The overall reaction?

They look like they’d get a little steamy and sweaty to be perfectly honest,” one woman wrote.

That’s an interesting choice, but if it starts raining heavily, those boots may be a great choice. They might not be very comfortable, but they will definitely keep the rain off of your entire leg!

Would YOU wear them?

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