These Hedgehogs Wouldn’t Eat From Caretakers…Volunteers Had One Last Thing To Try!

When these 8 baby hedgehogs were brought in to the zoo, volunteers weren’t sure that they would survive. Their mother had been tragically killed in an accident involving a lawnmower, and when the distraught man brought them in, he hoped that the babies would survive.

Volunteers tried everything to get the babies to drink milk, but nothing was working. Syringes, bottles, bits of cloth, and bowls…the little babies wouldn’t take any milk at all. Worse, they were becoming lonely due to a lack of affection. Zoo personnel feared that the babies might die.

But they had one more option to try. Musya the cat had recently reared a litter of orphaned kittens and still had her milk. Volunteers placed the baby hedgehogs near to Musya and waited. Would she accept them, or would she leave them to die?No! She sniffed them and must have realized that they were hungry. Within seconds, she laid on her side, letting the little babies drink to their hearts’ content! They even showed her affection, nuzzling and sniffing and licking her as they accepted her comfort.

The hedgehogs made a quick recovery, and while Musya isn’t quite able to groom them as she normally would for kittens, the unusual relationship is as strong as ever!

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