These Gorgeous Landscapes Are Hidden In An Unexpected Place! I Want One!!

These little miniature landscapes are breathtaking. They are so intricate and detailed, it would be hard to ever get bored while looking at them! They are like a little world all on their own, and it’s no surprise that people are in LOVE with them. Each landscape is unique and made-to-order…and the best part? You get to wear them!

A Canadian jewelry store called Secret Wood puts the world ON your hands! These mysterious rings are made with a combination of wood, resin, and beeswax, letting you see the incredible secret world hidden inside of a tiny little ring.

They are made to order, so no two are ever alike – although they may be similar. Take a look at some of our favorites!

Amber Spirit Forest”


Tiny Snow Forest”


Midnight Snowfall”


Forest with Gold”


Cypress Forest”


Blossom Forest”


Enchanted Forest”


Blizzard Forest”


Dark-City Forest”


Wearing this ring is an adventure! I love looking at each ring and seeing a new detail that I hadn’t seen before! They truly are a unique break from the standard silver and gold. These might not be as sparkling as a gemstone, but they are so much more intricate! I wouldn’t be able to wear this to work, though. I could see myself easily getting lost in the “miniature world” and daydream about what life might be like there. These are gorgeous, and it’s no wonder that these pictures are going viral!

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