These Gorgeous Gelato Flowers Are (Almost!) Too Pretty To Eat!

How much more excited would you be if you received a bouquet of flowers that you could EAT?! Probably 100% more excited. Well, the future hasn’t got that down quite yet, but we’re getting closer! Say ‘hello’ to Gelato Roses! From the geniuses at i Creamy, an ice cream parlor in Sydney, Australia, these stunning creations are just almost too gorgeous to lick. The secret? They use a shoehorned spatula to carve out each petal. They stick each petal on the rose, and it grows rather quickly into a large, delicious flower! The owners are Thai, so the flavors are distinctly Asian.

You might find some bright orange Thai milk tea; black sesame; or white chocolate made with miso.” The owner said.

The flavors are unique and bold, making this rose extra special.The petals are arranged according to flavors, creating a mesmerizing blend of color that really does look like a two-toned rose! These roses are beautiful as well as tasty, and its no wonder that people are scrambling to try the incredible flavors! (It must taste even better, if its pretty, right?!) But they come with a hefty price tag. For three flavors, the total is around $8. Worth it?

Would you eat one of these delicate little roses?

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