These Glass Memorials Swirl Your Remains Into Artwork After You Die

A company in Seattle has come up with a new, beautiful way to display a loved one’s ashes…and it has people talking! Instead of sitting in an urn on a mantlepiece or visiting a gravesite, this company is giving people the option to transform their loved ones into large glass spheres and hearts, swirled together with over 12 colors to choose from in a wide array of combinations. The colors reflect who the person was in life, celebrating them in a way that honors their memory.
11-30a7The glass creations are engraved on the bottom with a short message, a name, or an epitaph. 11-30a8They also have stands and lighted displays to choose from to truly show off the colors and depth of the artwork.11-30a9Having a visual representation of someone can be comforting, and people are excited because along with being gorgeous, they are also affordable. At $185, a customized memorial helps many to remember those who have passed on in a beautiful way, and many prefer the hearts and spheres to cold urns.

Although some have said that they find it strange to mail off a small amount of the ashes (it takes 1 tablespoon of ashes to make one piece), having the display in the end, they say, is comforting. 11-30a10The company guarantees that each set of ashes will match the artwork as when they are received a specific code is assigned which can be found on the bottom of the artwork itself. People are getting creative when it comes to honoring their loved ones, and this method is incredibly beautiful.


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