These Girls Were VERY Dedicated To Their Job…But They Missed One VERY Important Detail! Oops!

Are you ready for your daily dose of FUNNY? These two girls were not going to stop working just because of a small setback, but if I’m being honest, I’ve made this kind of mistake before. Halfway through a project, I realize that I missed something VERY obvious in the first few stages and had to start all over again! Realizing that I’d been doing everything wrong is just embarrassing, and I can’t imagine how these girls must have felt once this guy pointed out their one important oversight! Yikes!


I hope they hadn’t gotten too far along before they realized what was happening! I’ll admit, this mistake should have been glaringly obvious from the start, but these girls weren’t about to give up on their job just because they were one person short that day. I can totally see why this story has gone VIRAL so quickly! It’s too funny!

Remember, when you’re working on something, always try to remember the BIG picture and understand¬†why¬†you are doing a certain task. This way, it is easier to spot your mistakes and fix them before you do all of that hard work for nothing! If there was a moral to this story, that is pretty much the closest I can come to it…I can’t stop giggling!

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