These Girls Vandalized Their School Bathroom…Until A Clever Janitor Decided To Do THIS To Get Them To Stop!

Kids do the silliest things when they put their minds together. Making secret handshakes, build club houses out of debris and old wood in that abandoned back lot of the neighborhood, and just generally getting into mischief whenever they find it. I was always the kid covered in dirt who liked to see how high I could climb in a tree or how many acorns I could pile up without them rolling away. When kids get to school, they can do some pretty crazy things. These girls took the cake.


Gross! I wonder how many warnings these girls got before they needed a demonstration of how much work the maintenance crew had to put into keeping their school clean? I doubt that he actually used water from the toilets to clean up the little lipstick marks, but that was a hilarious twist that these girls will never forget! It’s easy to make a mess when you aren’t the one that has to deal with the aftermath. I do wish I could have seen their faces when that maintenance man pulled this little stunt! I wonder how the faculty kept themselves from laughing?

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