These Girls Found STOLEN Cash In Their Backyard! When They Turned It In, They Got A BIG Reward!

When her two nieces ran into the house after playing in the backyard, she wasn’t sure what had them so wound up! They rushed to their aunt, Shantelle Goulet, with handfuls of $20 bills! They were breathless and excited, and didn’t even stop to think about where the money had come from, or why it was littering their yard.

But Goulet had a pretty good idea.

Earlier that week, Goulet had spotted a man running through her backyard. The man was John Stocki, a 26-year-old who had just robbed a bank and was running away from the authorities. He had been dropping money and clothing during his hasty scramble to escape, and when authorities finally caught up to him, they realized that a fairly large amount of money was missing from his person. 5.13a20

Goulet called the officer in charge of the case and reported that her nieces had discovered a portion of the missing money.

When the unmarked squad car pulled up to the driveway, the girls were excited to show him the stolen money that they had found!

The officer knew that the $140 was a lot for the girls to give up, but he decided that they deserved a reward! He took two $20 bills out of his own pocket and told them that they had done a wonderful job, and were very helpful to the police. They were very excited, and the officer told them to use the money to buy their favorite ice cream!

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