These Five Household Objects Are The Key To Creating A MAGICAL Backyard Experience For The Kids!

You’ve probably got this stuff lying around, and if not, you may want to run to a dollar shop to get the stuff you’re missing! The kids will absolutely adore this project, and it’s so simple to create!

Running around in the water was one of our favorite pastimes as kids during the summer, and if you don’t have a sprinkler system, you can easily make your own! Get the kids (or grand kids) playing outside and having fun when they start a chorus of “I’m booored~”

And hey, all of this running around might tire them out for bed time. Win – win!
A garden hose, a pool noodle, something to poke holes in the pool noodle, scissors, and duct tape. Gather your supplies and get ready to make magic!Cut roughly two inches off one side of the pool noodle and slice it into 4 pieces. These will help seal the ends of your noodle and prevent water from escaping.
Shove two of your noodle-slices into the end of the pool noodle. It will be a little difficult, but that’s what will help seal everything!Tape it. A lot. Wrap the tape around the hole several times.You don’t have to stick it in very far. Shove the remaining two slices in around the hose to keep it tightly in place.Tape everything up – be thorough!The fewer holes, the higher the spray will be. If you poke too many holes, the water may not squirt out as high. You can turn it on to check for leaks around the ends and poke more holes if necessary!Congratulations, you are officially the coolest! You have saved the kids from having a boring summer!

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