These Firefighters Responded To An Unusual Call At The Airport…People Are Praising Their Efforts!

The Indianapolis Airport Authority Fire Department posted this picture that instantly went viral, and we can see why.

LCPL Ryan Scheer was killed in an automobile accident in Indiana. His remains were being flown to his hometown, but there was no military detail. There is usually a receiving party, but for a military detail to be unavailable to stand watch and witness the remains being loaded onto a plane is much less common.

The fire department at the airport got wind of the soldier’s departure and showed up to help and pay their respects to the fallen soldier.7.29a13

Later, the Marine escort boarded the flight, and a member in first class got up out of their seat and insisted that the man take his seat instead. It was the least he could do, and the passengers offered a moment of silence during the exchange.

When the plane finally landed, they respectfully applauded and waited for the Marine escort to exit before moving to get off of the plane, themselves. No one was sure why there was not a military detail available for Scheer as he was placed onto the plane, but everyone was grateful to the fire fighters who supported their fallen brother.

There is still respect for the military in everyday life, and this entire story is proof of that.

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