These Festive Brows Are Sure To Help You Win That “Ugly Sweater” Competition At The Office

When you plan your holiday outfit, do you include your eyebrows? Probably not. Instead of leaving them out this year, have some inspiration and include them to totally win the office’s ugly sweater party! Grab your glitter and some sparkles. You’re going to need them.

Alright, so it’s a bit unnerving at first…but they kind of grow on you after a while! What’s the “holiday season” without a little magic, right?Brought to the beauty world by a vlogger named Taylor, the interesting brow idea uses brow gel, glitters, brow pencils, paint, and anything people happen to have on hand. What kind of Christmas tree doesn’t have a star at the top?Some trees are a bit more subtle, but they still catch the eye! Who wouldn’t notice bright green eyebrows at a party? It’s a way to make an entrance, that’s for sure.

Using wax, gel, or hairspray, the brow hairs are meticulously placed to resemble the “branches” on a tree. Small glitters are attached to represent the ornaments – and if you don’t have glitters, you can just useĀ  lipstick!
So, feel like winning that Ugly Sweater party? Because you definitely will if you do this.

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