These Faux Drusy Quartz Necklaces Are So EASY To Make! This DIY Is Perfect For A Night Out!

Drusy quartz is one of the prettiest trending jewelry item out there. The elegant, glittery crystal creates a quirky look that is stunning on anyone! But getting your hands on a nice set can cause a serious dent in your pocketbook. I love to look trendy, but when the price tag is over $100, I tend to hesitate. Just a bit.

But recreating this unique jewelry is easier than you’d think! “Faux druzy” is fun and simple, and you can make your own set at home for a fraction of the cost! Want to give it a try? Here’s what you’ll need:

A pendent
Crushed glass glitter

Yes, that’s really all you need! If you have some flat earrings, you can use them and create a matching set! Or a ring, or a bracelet…it’s really up to you!

First, you’ll cover the inside of your pendent (or earrings, or bracelet, or ring) with a layer of ModPodge. Once it becomes tacky (let it dry for a few seconds) just pour in the glass glitter. Shake out any excess glitters and let it all dry for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then, add another layer of ModPodge and pour in more glass glitter! Again, shake out the excess and let it all dry!

These items can all be found at a craft store, but if you happen to have them lying around, give this project a try! The look is fun and festive – and the jewelry goes with just about anything!

Seriously, that’s all it takes to create this awesome look!

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