These Famous Photographs Have Been Re-Created By A Taiwanese Couple, And The Results Are HILARIOUS!

Murad Osmann has carved out a niche on Instagram with the photo series #followmeto, where he follows his wife to exotic and gorgeous places all over the Earth. The picture usually features stunning scenery, while his wife dresses in clothing to reflect the culture as she pulls him forward. It is a unique perspective, and while many have recreated the photograph featuring places in their own cities, one couple has given the concept a hilarious spin…5.17a19This couple in Taiwan came up with a clever way to portray their relationship and poke fun at the pictures. Her husband isn’t following her anywhere, so she has to drag him! “Time to go surfing…whether you like it or not!”5.17a15“We are seeing these mountains, NOW!”
5.17a16“How many times must I tell you to hurry up?!”
5.17a17This next one was totally his idea, and it’s a favorite! The photos have gone viral, and many people can relate. She wants to explore the world and visit monuments and experience nature…and her partner is not interested one bit! This couple has made waves, and we expect to see many more funny pictures from them in the future!
5.17a18The photo series from Osmann seems unattainable to most of us. The high-quality pictures, the exotic locations, and the exquisite outfits are out of reach for many people…but snapping cute and funny pictures around town is something anyone can do! Plus, they are funny to look at! No wonder they are viral!

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