These Dogs Were Going To Die After A Vicious Snake Attack, But Strangers Saved The Day!

It all began on a Sunday when Melissa’s dogs started barking ferociously in the back yard. They were near Melissa’s grandchildren, and their odd behavior made her take immediate action. Her quick thinking saved her grandchildren and gave her dogs a fighting chance after she realized what had happened.

When she got the kids and dogs back to the house, she knew that something was terribly wrong. The children hadn’t been injured, but the dogs were starting to swell from bites of some kind. Paco (left) had been bitten on one leg while Slayer (right) had been bitten multiple times on his face and jaw.

When the family would later return to the area, they would discover a venomous copperhead.
They rushed the dogs to a hospital for treatment, but it was hard going for both of them. While Paco recovered fairly quickly, Slayer needed to be moved to Intensive Care. The bites on his face had caused everything to swell, meaning that any medication, food, or water he tried to ingest were either vomited back up or wouldn’t be consumed in the first place.

Effectively, it made his constant care more expensive than the family could afford and they were left with an impossible choice: put him down humanely or shoulder the enormous medical costs.

Thankfully, a charity called Frankie’s Friends caught wind of the dilemma and immediately spread Slayer’s story, taking donations and asking for help. Hundreds of strangers stepped in to aid the struggling dog, and after several days of constant care, Slayer began to recover.

And finally, he was released and sent home, having bravely defended his family and living to tell the tale.

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