These Dogs Aren’t Related, But They Accidentally Saved Each Other With Their Tragic Stories

When Daya was found by the folks over at York Animal Control, she was scared, pregnant, and alone. She was taken to the Halfway There Rescue were she underwent life saving surgery. Her body was rejecting the pregnancy, but Daya had no way of knowing what was happening.

Her veterinarian saved her life, but her puppies didn’t make it.

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Daya’s hormones were strong. While trying to cope with her confusion, she began to mother small socks and toys, trying to follow her instincts and getting nowhere. That’s where Raisin comes into the picture. Little Raisin was found wandering in the middle of the road with an injured eye. When she was examined, her vet realized that her eye could not be saved. She needed time to heal…and while her human volunteers would have been enough, they had an idea. As soon as they introduced little Raisin to Daya, they knew there was an instant connection!

Daya took to Raisin immediately and moved in to mother the recovering puppy while trying to recover herself. The pair became inseparable, and while they still have a long way to go before they are ready for adoption, their human friends have no doubt that they will find the perfect fur-ever homes very soon!

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