These Cozy Mermaid Tails Have Gone VIRAL, And They Are Just What I’ve Always Wanted (I Just Didn’t Know It)!!

The best thing about chilly weather? Curling up on the couch, reading a good book, enjoying a nice fire, watching a movie, and sipping hot cocoa.

The worst thing about chilly weather? The blanket not being big enough and having to “tuck” it under my feet to keep blasts of cold air from intruding on my cozy comfort.

Moms everywhere have come up with a whimsical solution to this problem, and it’s no wonder that everyone is making them! It’s a mermaid tail. It’s warm. It’s perfect. I want one for myself. Like, now.

The best part about this blanket? It might just make reading time fun for the kids!


Just look at that adorable set up! The mermaid tail is thick enough to be extremely warm and yet light enough to wash every week if needed. “Grab a blanket” has never brought so much joy to the kids! This might even make reading time a more enjoyable part of the day! Can you imagine? No arguing when it’s time to grab a book and read for 20 minutes? I wonder if the kids can take these to school for nap time…


There are so many different styles to choose from, too! This is something that your child (or you, let’s be honest, I know you want one) can completely customize! Do they want a bright neon orange tail? Hey, that can happen. They can add glitter or sequins or rhinestones if their little hearts desire. As long as it gets them to practice their reading, I am all for it!


Keep those little toesies warm with the cutest blanket ever! This little mermaid in training is all ready to take her first cuddly dip in the ocean! I’m just kidding. Please don’t put this blanket in the ocean. You can take tons of pictures, though!


Don’t forget the boys! If they aren’t satisfied with an awesome merman tail, try a terrifying alternative: The “I’m Being Eaten By A Shark While Reading A Book” approach. Because why not?


Childhood is all about chasing dreams and pretending and using their imaginations as much as possible. Give this awesome blanket a chance and get excited about quiet time. What a perfect way to relax!

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