These College Students Dress Like Princesses And Visit Children In Hospitals

Started by Kylee McGrane as a sophomore in college, these two friends began the nonprofit organization called A Moment in Magic to help sick children in the hospital. The group is made of 40 college students who volunteer their time to dress as famous princesses and make their rounds to hundreds of children around their city. Kylee got the idea on winter break after she watched the movie Frozen with her family and realized that she and her best friend were very similar to the female leads. Since their beginning in 2015, they have been working with other campuses to try and expand the nonprofit to help children everywhere.

We’ve never said no to a visit, so any time a parent or a patient or a hospital reaches out to us, we do whatever we can to make it happen, whether it’s an in-person visit or a Skype visit,” she said.

They give 100% to each visit to allow the children to have the experience of a lifetime. They hold mandatory training sessions for their volunteers and try their hardest to keep their costumes and personas as exact as possible! They even sing the songs from their movies if the children wish to.

Hopefully, more organizations will pop up in cities around the country! If it helps children to have a brighter outlook for even a few hours, it is worth it.

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