These Childcare Workers LOCKED A 2-Year-Old In Their Day Care And LEFT! “How Did They Not Know?!”

“How did they not know?!” The child’s grandmother asks in disbelief.

It all started when the toddler’s mother came to pick up her 2-year-old son from day care after her shift at work. It was only 9:30pm, and the day care is advertised as a 24-hour day care facility. Their operation hours are from 2am to 4am, which is perfect for families that work outside of the hours of 9am to 5pm. These types of day cares are few and far between, so most parents don’t have much of an option.


The day care shows their happy facility – a child’s dream – with toys and brightly colored chairs. This day care quickly turned into a mother’s nightmare when she arrived to find the day care locked down and closed.

She assumed that her sister or mother had gotten to the day care after their jobs, beating her to pick up her son. She went home, confident that she would kiss him goodnight as he was tucked in to his little bed at home. Her terror set in when she arrived home and realized that he had not been picked up by either woman. He was still inside of the day care.

She rushed back to the facility and began pounding on the door. He came towards the noise, crying, frightened, and left alone in the dark. She tried to instruct him on how to flip the lock, but he just couldn’t understand what she was telling him to do. She called 911 who sent out officers and the fire department who quickly broke in and freed the terrified toddler.


The facility should not have been closed at such an early hour, and everyone is baffled as to how a child could have been forgotten. The reception area has a sign-in sheet that clearly still had her son’s name on it from when she dropped him off earlier that day.

The management refused to comment, but I hope that they had trouble sleeping that night. Other parents who use the facility are outraged at what happened, but have no other choice but to keep using the only day care that is open at such odd hours.

“I’m really upset, because he could get into anything. He’s a two-year-old and you should never leave a two-year-old unattended. It’s bothering me and I’m so upset.” His grandmother stated, angry, but thankful that her grandson was not harmed in the hours that he had been left alone.

Not surprisingly, the center has received over 10 violations since 2014.

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