These Candid Pictures Of Grooms Seeing Their Brides For The First Time Will Crack You Up!

Weddings bring us all together to celebrate the love of two people! Generally, it is a happy occasion – bar some disgruntled family members for various reasons – and we often focus mostly on the bride. The gown, the flowers, the venue, the food, the drinks…but all too frequently, many of us miss the reaction of the groom at the moment he sees his soon-to-be-wife.

We’re all turned to watch her come up the isle…but a good photographer is waiting to capture the special moment when the nervous groom sees the object of his affections and freeze it in time forever. These are some of the best!
A fun tradition among couples is to keep this moment private, having a small photo session just before they enter the church. The bride approaches from behind, and the photographer takes their picture just as the groom turns around!The happy moment might last for the entire ceremony! I hope someone in the bridal party brought tissues!He just can’t believe it!They met on the starting line!And the best one of all…this guy is so stoked!We adore these pictures! While many weddings seem to focus more on the bride, giving the groom his time to shine is just as important. Here’s to a long and happy marriage for each and every one of these fantastic couples!

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