These Cakes Will BLOW Your Mind! They Don’t Look Real!

Olga Noskovaru is a Russian pastry chef who has a passion for creating some truly stunning cakes! Many artists try and take their preferred medium as far as they will go, expanding on different techniques and finding ways to do what no one else has done before. The internet is calling them “Russian glass cakes,” and they are so incredibly perfect that you can see your reflection. Armed with peal dust, edible glitter and baking pearls, she creates fantastic works of art that are almost too pretty to eat!5.12a19A swirl of red and white icing, mixed expertly and poured over a perfectly rounded cake! 5.12a20 A circular bundt cake covered in marbled icing is accented with a silver-dusted blackberry and edible pearls. The coconut flakes underneath are a nice touch!5.12a21Geometric patterns grace this cake after the icing has hardened. Noskovaru says hello in the reflection!5.12a24She doesn’t only create mesmerizing glass cakes – she also works with a matte frosting! This one IS too pretty to eat!5.12a25How does she pull off this gorgeous woven pastry? I have no idea, but I am in love with those golden flakes!5.12a26The glass icing pools in glossy ridges, and a perfectly blackberry sits happily on display!5.12a27The marble frosting on this cake looks like the surface of an undiscovered planet! The fruit dusted in pearl dust resemble little mountains or boulders. 5.12a28Glittery sugar decorations adorn this sweet heart cake! This is perfect for anniversaries or just to say “I love you!”5.21a23I hope this trend catches on! These cakes are truly one of a kind!

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