These Cabbage Patch Inspired Beanies Will Keep Your Babies TOASTY And ADORABLE! I NEED This!

Seriously, this is the coolest thing. You may want to sit down. Oh, you’re already sitting down? Great! This is exciting news!

11.2rHey, you remember these, right? Maybe you had one or two…or ALL of them! These were my absolute favorite thing to play with growing up, and I can’t get over how excited I am to have found this amazing idea. When my kids were born, they were as bald as could be! My baby boys were born in the colder months, so I was able to put cute little hats on their SUPER bald heads, but my precious little girl wasn’t quite so lucky. She was born in the middle of the summer, and she HATED it when I put any ribbons or headbands on her bare noggin’! Well, maybe this will help some of you all over the winter. Looking for a cute gift for that newborn? Want to be the “fun” aunt during the holidays? These are perfect!11.2k

Look at her face! She loves it, I can tell! That, or she took it off two seconds later. This is just too perfect! I love the way these look on the tots, and I really hope this trend catches on. It’s so nostalgic! Plus, you can change baby’s hair color depending on her outfit! Adorable!


They are like real, live, cabbage patch dolls! I never thought of this when my babies were younger, but this is just too cute. I can’t stop “ooh”-ing and “awwww”-ing at my computer screen!  Look at how happy they are to be living, breathing baby dolls! I just want to give them so many cuddles.


They could be twins! Now THAT is a wig! It’s huge! I wonder how she kept it on securely without it being too tight on baby’s head. There is no way my baby girl would have allowed this to stay on for longer than a second, but it sure is cute! I love that little pink bow.


Ooooh, I just want to snuggle her and give her ALL of the cookies! This is so sweet – just look at those pigtails! I hope mom took LOTS of pictures! These will definitely be on display during her graduation party!


She doesn’t look too happy, but I bet MOM is! Hey, maybe she was smiling right before this picture. You never know with babies. This was the best Halloween costume, but I wouldn’t mind doing this for any occasion! I love that little “box!” It even has the logo right on the front!


It’s even CUTER on toddlers! Look at that smile! There is a reason this trend is a favorite among moms. I bet she loves her little wig! I also bet that she has more than just the one.


You can’t leave out the boys! I haven’t been able to find any other pictures of theses styles on baby boys, but this is just too much. Look at how happy he is! Precious.

Although I haven’t handled one of these little hats, myself, I would imagine they are probably quite warm – just like a scarf I would imagine. You can always add an extra layer or a different hat underneath if it’s too “itchy,” but these are amazing and I really hope that they catch on! Can you imagine when winter rolls around and every baby and toddler is sporting one of these fabulous hats? Oh, I can’t wait! Too cute!

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