These Brides Were HORRIFIED When They Received Their Wedding Gowns In The Mail! These Can’t Be The Same Dresses!

Weddings are expensive affairs, and when it comes to “the dress,” it can eat up over half of the entire budget very quickly! Nowadays, you can order your gowns online instead of paying the high prices at bridal boutiques and department stores. By shopping online for your dream dress, you can save a lot of money and time having the dress delivered right to your doorstep! The downside to this is that it is much easier for companies to commit fraud by advertising a designer gown for 90% off, and delivering something that looks like…well, you’ll see! I feel so bad for these women!

THIS dress is nothing like the original! It isn’t the same color, the designs are completely different, and even the bust line has been changed! I will say that even though this dress doesn’t even come close to looking like the advertisement, it still looks gorgeous on her! Those curves are to die for! Maybe not that dress, though…


How can they even think for one moment that these dresses look the same? The sweetheart neckline has suddenly become a slip-on tube, there is no support in that bodice, and that tulle looks like someone stuck it together with a stapler! You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was exactly what they did. Sorry, soon-to-be missus! Try again!11.19v

This bride just wanted a little bit of color on her wedding day! Instead of “blue,” she got a whole lot of “ew!” Not only is this clearly NOT the same dress, what were they thinking with those stray beads on the bodice?! I feel like this was a middle school DIY that went horribly, horribly wrong! I hope there was enough time to buy a new dress! Yikes.


That iconic dress? It must have been lost in the mail! While this bride-to-be has shoulders that can make any outfit look good, they just couldn’t save this monstrosity! Is that…cotton? Did they honestly try to make this wedding dress out of cotton?! I’m sorry, pretty lady, but you’ll need to try again! That embroidery on the bust is just too much.

wedding dress nightmare.jpg / Aggrieved brides who have taken to social networks to share their online-bought wedding dress nightmares. A growing number of websites offer cheap copies of designer gowns - but brides often disappointed when real dress looks nothing like original / Source: INTERNET

Since when did the color “white” look so very…”green?” I’m not sure how they thought THIS fiasco would go unnoticed! Not only is the color shockingly incorrect, the lace decals aren’t the right design, and even worse, they haven’t been centered! This dress hurts to look at.


She wanted something flirty and fun for her special day, but what arrived in the mail is something out of a horror novel, not a fairy tale! The colors are dull, the embroidery is chunky, and that is not even the same material! Even if she wore a bustle or a hoop underneath, there is just no way to save this dress. It’s a tragedy!


Note to self: do not buy dresses online from China! This dress would have looked amazing on this lovely bride…if only they had sent the right dress! Sure, the design looks a bit similar…kind of, but there is just no comparison between the two.  They did get the color correct, but the rest of it is just too sad!


This dress is ALL kinds of terrible! After she ordered it online, she took it to her local boutique to compare what she should have received to what actually arrived at her doorstep! What she ordered? A gorgeous fitted gown with lace sleeves and a cascading train. What she got? A constricting mess of cheap fabric that isn’t anywhere close to “lace!” Those sleeves are supposed to be delicate and feminine, not confusing and blocky. Yikes!


They advertised a delicate dress, made of lace, dreams, and sunshine. They sold her a hideous outdated fabric that had a ZIPPER on the front! Sure, it’s the same length, but this is not the same dress at all! Where’s the embroidered belt? Where’s that circle neckline? The only thing saving this terrible excuse for a dress is her hourglass figure!


I’m so glad that I had a wedding before you could buy dresses online! I fear that I might have very easily been on this list of disappointed bride-to-be’s in a heartbeat. I’m a sucker for a good deal…but these are just awful!

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