These Brave Souls Have Decided To Tattoo Their Armpits. Would YOU Do This?!

Tattoos are becoming more and more common, and as more people are getting creative, they are also getting more adventurous. These folks have decided that a fun new place to get some art is their under arms! Hidden until revealed, these clever designs are meant to be exciting and new – but many people say that they just look downright painful.

The hair is removed beforehand as the tattoo artist gets to work. While some people claim that the area is too sensitive to continue, others say that the skin didn’t feel like any other part of their body. Supposedly, women who frequently shave or wax the area say that the skin under their arms has been desensitized already making the experience rather normal. Hair will still grow after the tattoo is in place, and while shaving is optional, some people get small designs with the intent of keeping it hidden underneath their hair. The designs are just like any other sort of tattoo, ranging from dainty to geometric to trendy – if there is space, why not decorate it with some beautiful ink? The idea is a clever one, and many tattoo enthusiasts are excited to have the extra space to add to their canvas of body art! Would you get a tattoo under your arm?

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