These Brave Dogs Led The Charge To Save These Cattle From The Floods

When flood waters hit Green Cove Springs, Florida, everyone needed help…even the cattle! On one particular ranch, the cattle needed to be led to safety, and there was only one way to do it: through the flood.

The road was completely gone, covered in several feet of water that had devastated much of the area and was already responsible for the deaths of many animals that hadn’t been able to swim to safety. But this herd of cattle had a secret weapon: cattle dogs!

These brave pups led the charge, swimming ahead to let the cows know which way they should be going…even though they had to wade through the water!
It was dangerous, but these dogs had a job to do, and they weren’t going to abandon their cows just because a little bit of water got in the way! They started swimming, making sure that the cattle were trudging along behind them like the good dogs that they were!

Many hazardous things lurked in those waters, but the dogs had faith in their jobs and eventually led all of the cattle to safety! The hurricane may have caused a lot of damage, but it hadn’t dampened their spirits.

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