These Bins From The Dollar Store Look Like LOCKERS After This Crazy Transformation!

This small business owner had purchased a lot of storage boxes to display in her office, but she soon realized that while the boxes looked great on the shelves, they weren’t easily usable. She still had pens and markers that she needed to use constantly, but opening a box to reach them was taking too much time.

She decided to look for something better that still matched the design of her office. She spotted these drawers at a dollar store, but the lime green color just wouldn’t do! The design on the sides of the buckets reminded her of lockers, so she grabbed some metallic paint and decided to try out a clever idea.10-5a9After painting all sides of the buckets, she attached small numbered tags that gave off a distinctly academic feel. Instead of dumping her pens into the buckets, she used recycled cans to store them. The supplies were easily accessible, but were still hidden away from view.10-5a8 Overall, the cabinet turned out better than expected! She could still use her shelves to store important documents, and use it as a desk to store useful supplies.10-5a10Does this project inspire you to re-organize your work space? Perhaps your study could use a new look! A home makeover doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and this woman proved that a beautiful project and one small change can make all the difference! See more details on this project here!


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