These Bike Paths And Walking Trails In Poland GLOW Once The Sun Sets!

When lighting becomes scarce, bikers and pedestrians usually rely on reflective striping on their bikes, helmets, clothing, shoes, and accessories to make them visible to cars and others using the same trails, but using a flashlight or headlamp isn’t always convenient when the roads and pathways aren’t lit up at night. Poland has just unveiled the coolest use of glow-in-the-dark pathways, and people are freaking out.10-6a6The trails are able to glow because they are covered in phosphor, a synthetic substance that is charged by the sun during the daytime and glows brightly at night. The material is able to glow for about 10 hours before it begins to fade, and by the time it runs out of charge, the sunrise begins and starts the process all over again.

The luminophores, or, the particles that emit the glow in the material are able to shine in a variety of colors, but the people in charge of its design chose blue because it they believed it would fit in better with the current environment and landscape.

The material is still being tested. They aren’t sure how quickly the substance will degrade, how often it would need to be replaced, or if there is a more cost-effective way to create the pathways on a larger scale. For now, the pathways cost more than a traditional path of brick and asphalt, but the benefits over a long period of time may just outweigh the initial cost.

People all over the world are hoping that this new style will come to their countries soon! We love it!


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