These Bags Look So Fake, Sellers Put Signs To Try And Help People Believe!

This picture looks like a collection of cartoon bags have been drawn into a picture from real life – and that is why people are in love with them! The 2D creations are confusing people around the world, but it doesn’t stop people from getting excited about them. The bags are part of a large line of products consisting of wallets and backpacks from the Taiwan-based company Jump From Paper.  The bags aren’t actually 2-dimensional. They are made with a black back that disguises that working compartments when the bags are viewed from any angle except one. The thick lines and bold colors help to eliminate shadows, and the comical stitch marks make it seem…well, look!Every picture you take with one of these silly creations will look like it has been edited! The only complain that some people have is that they aren’t as big as they look! With so much fabric dedicated to the illusion, that isn’t surprising.Would you ever use one of these bags in your everyday life? Some people think they would be fun to take on vacation, but others think they are a little ridiculous. Where do you stand?

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