These Awesome Party Poppers Can Be Made In Less Than 5 Minutes! Everyone Will Love Them!

This example is for the 4th of July, but just by changing the color of the paper inside, these can be used for any holiday, birthday, or party that you want! It’s so simple, and you get to use recycled bottles instead of going out and buying pre-made poppers. All you need is an empty water bottle, a balloon, colored tape, and colored paper. Yep, that’s it! Grab your supplies in the colors that you want and let’s get started! 6.29a14Carefully cut the top of the water bottle off and cover the sharp edge with your colored tape. Next, stretch the opening of the balloon over the mouth of the water bottle and pull it up so that only a small bit of the balloon is left loosely. 6.29a15Cut up your colored paper and shove the tiny pieces into the open end of your homemade popper! You don’t need to stuff it full – a couple of sprinkles will be enough! Be sure to use paper that will dissolve if you’re using them outdoors as plastic and glitter might be eaten by animals if they are left out in the grass.6.29a16Pull back the balloon and point the popper up at an angle (and away from anyone’s face!) and celebrate in festive style!6.29a17This project is easy to do and is sure to occupy the kids for an afternoon. Have fun choosing different colors and themes for your adorable popper and be sure to share the idea with your friends!

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