These Are The WORST Christmas Presents Ever Wrapped! …It’s The Thought That Counts Though, Right?

I’ll be honest – I am the absolute worst present-wrapper to ever have lived. I don’t even bother with wrapping paper anymore. No, not me! I go to the store and buy a gift bag and some tissue paper because, let’s be honest, it’s hard to mess that up. The worst I could possibly do is spell the name wrong in the “For: ___” space, and even then, no one actually reads those.

Here are some of the most hilarious attempts at wrapping on the internet. They should make you feel better about yourself (if you are me, and suck at wrapping gifts!), or just give you a good chuckle.

That moment when you don’t measure out enough paper, but are too lazy to start over.


Yes, that is a bottle of wine. Yes, that is a dirty gym sock. No, I don’t think that they are still together after this fiasco.


Oh, goody! Another gift from dad, right? That is two styrofoam pieces taped together. That…is actually kind of impressive. Nice one, dad. 


She’s got that look that says, “this had better be a gift card.”


That…is some really unfortunate typography! I hope this was on accident…and that it wasn’t grandma’s gift!! 


It’s got that…”I thought about wrapping it, but then my show came on and I forgot to finish” look about it. Very special.


I know that technique! That’s the “I didn’t buy enough scotch tape and this is literally the only tape left in the entire house” look. I am a master at this one!


He printed custom wrapping paper for his dad’s gift. Yes, that is a picture of his dad. Yes, he made sure to pick his dad’s LEAST favorite picture to accompany this fiasco!


Gather around closely, children, while I tell you all the magical tale…of Hobo Santa! A truly incredible story of love, laughter, and terrible wrapping technique.


You know what? I don’t….I don’t even know. This is hilarious. NO ONE will guess what these gifts are!


I mean, technically, it is someone’s birthday…waste not, want not!12.15c11

It counts. It totally counts. 


David…? Are you okay?! David, talk to me! What happened?!


And lastly, the best of all…”Just throw some of that weird yellow tape on it. It’ll be fine.”


I feel better about myself already! These are some of the worst wrapping jobs I have ever seen, and they make me realize that my lopsided and wrinkly gifts probably weren’t wrapped THAT badly…it must have all been in my head! Hopefully this list made you laugh like I did!

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