These 8 Simple Hair Hacks Will Have You Looking GREAT When You’re Running Late!

We’ve all been there! Your alarm went off and maybe you pushed “snooze” a few more times than you meant to. You thought you had another day before you needed to wash your hair but then you woke up and found yourself stuck with a greasy mess but no time to shower. You cat knocked your phone off of the nightstand and it unplugged, losing battery and hiding under the bed.

These simple tricks, hairstyles, and hacks will have you looking clean, professional, and ready for the day in just MINUTES! Seriously, save these! They are perfect for those “oh, goodness, I have 2 minutes to leave the house or I’ll be REALLY late!”


First off, you’ll want to get rid of that grease WITHOUT jumping into the shower! If you’re pressed for time, that can be difficult. If you have dry shampoo, USE IT! If you don’t have dry shampoo, you can try cornstarch or even making your own dry shampoo mixture like the one found here. If you’ve got darker hair, you can tint the cornstarch with cinnamon or cocoa powder. Just lightly sprinkle the powder into your hair and brush it out after it has a chance to absorb the oil. Bring some with you to work! You might need to touch up a few spots as the day wears on!


This is easy, and if your hair has a few waves in it, this is perfect for you! There is no braiding involved at all! Just twist is around and around, adding more strands until you feel “done” and secure it all with a hair elastic. Cute and professional! Done!


If you wake up and find that your hair has somehow become a riotous mess overnight, just do this! Twist the pony’s together and pin them with bobby pins! Ta-daa! Now it looks like you’ve done it on purpose!


This look is perfect for those days when you don’t have the time to blow dry your hair after the shower! Just start tying “knots” into your still-damp hair and pin the ends in place. After a full day of work or errands, your hair will have tons of waves and volume for a night out when you take it down later! This works great on mid-length hair, but you might want to re-think this option if you have longer hair.


Looking for an easy low bun to keep those strands out of your face? This look is great when you’re in a rush! Flip that pony inside-out, braid it, and pin it around itself! It’s cute and makes it look like you spent more than 2 seconds doing your hair. Which is exactly what we’re going for here.


The one thing this tutorial doesn’t show you is how to secure those pieces underneath the pony elastic. Bobby pins work if you have used a small enough section of hair! Just twist them around and pin them to the hair elastic underneath your pony. No one will see them, and you’ll have a neat and professional look in no time!


Yes, this look only requires one hair elastic! Grab your hair, twist it around, and secure it in place with a few loops of that elastic! Just don’t tie it too tightly – you wouldn’t want it to snap in the middle of the day! Clean, cute, and fun!


This was my favorite style when I had longer hair! If you have a few bobby pins on hand, just twist and pin those pieces to the sides and secure everything over your shoulder with a hair elastic. This look is great with bangs and still looks “put together” without taking up a lot of your time. Easy!

Remember these the next time you’re running late! I’ve even been known to do a few of these in the car while waiting for the traffic to move! I may be late, but I will still look fabulous!

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