These 8 Re-Named Animals Are What The Internet Was Created For! #TheInternetNamesAnimals

After the disaster that was Boaty McBoatface, the internet has decided that there are other things that could do with some better names. I mean, they have a point. A pineapple is made of neither pine nor apples. Is there any “egg” in eggplants? Nope.

Many people think that they can come up with better names for these creatures…and I can’t stop laughing at their suggestions!

1. Rhinoceros shall henceforth be known as…


2. Are these cute penguins? Think again!3.25h2

3. “Scorpion” doesn’t really inspire as much warning as…”Pinchy McDangerButt”3.25h3

4. Stingrays aren’t made of rays…but I get your point.3.25h4

5. All true.3.25h56. It makes just as much sense as “naked mole rat,” if you think about it.3.25h6

7. Scarily accurate. 3.25h7

8. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve confused an alligator with an actual log.3.25h8

Do you think you could do better?! These names are hilarious and perfect. It makes me wonder how they got their original names…when these are just so much better! I’d definitely think twice about going near anything with the name “death” or “danger” in it’s name. Some of these are adorable…and others are terrifying! Thank you, the internet. This is beautiful.

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