These 8 Baking Hacks Will Save Time And Energy In The Kitchen!

1. Get your dough to RISE with a heating pad!

If you aren’t able to use the oven or your house is too cold, your dough might have a hard time rising! Place a towel around a heating pad and set it on ‘low’ to keep your dough warm and on the right track! This method will also work with a microwavable heating pad or a hot water bottle. Just make sure you keep them wrapped in a towel to prevent everything from getting too hot!


2. Make chocolate out of cocoa powder and butter!

Didn’t remember to pick up that chocolate that you need for a recipe? Make your own with 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon of melted butter. You can freeze this to create hardened chocolate, but if you need to melt it anyway, you’re already done! Genius.


3. Want to give your pie a cute and dainty edge? Use pearls!

Just make sure that they are clean before you stick them into your pie crust. I love this edge design because it is fairly unique. Normally, we see the criss-crossed strips or the pinched edges. This design is just so much more fun!


4. Create two-toned icing with one piping bag!

Have you ever wondered how the professional bakers get those amazing swirls of color in their icing? This is one of those techniques! Some people try and strategically place their icing inside of one bag to squeeze out different colors, but mine always ended up mixing together in the bag. What you can do is fill separate piping bags with individual colors…and then add those bags into one LARGE bag! If you keep your pressure even, the icing will remain separate and swirl together in whatever designs you want!


5. Bake perfectly flat cakes with this clever hack!

Cut strips of an old (CLEAN) towel just large enough to wrap around your favorite baking tins. Wet your strips of towel and wring out any excess water. Pin them around the outside of your baking tin and fill them with batter. The moisture from the towels will leave your cakes flat – and no reason to use a knife to cut the tops off for those multi-layered cakes!


6. Get your ENTIRE cake out of the pan…EVERY time!

Yes, that’s right! Even when I tried using wax paper, oil, butter, and even the spray-oil (yuck!) my cakes always end up with pieces stuck to the inside of the pan. That meant I had to always try and “glue” the cake back together with icing. Not pretty! The trick is to use a mixture of equal parts vegetable shortening, vegetable oil, and all-purpose flour. Whisk this all together and coat the bottom AND sides of your baking tin. Your cake will pop right out perfectly every single time!


7. Chill your cookie dough to keep those cookies neat!

Sometimes, baking cookies can be a huge mess. If I’m not careful, they will expand and start touching each other, causing strange looking shapes and burning unevenly. Even chilling the cookies for as little as 15 minutes will still make a huge difference! Try this out and see for yourself!11.30r

8. Flavor your icing with Jello!

Using Jello flavors is a fun way to spice up your cupcake game. Not only will it add a unique flavor, it will also change the color without the use of food coloring! No more vanilla icing for me! I especially love these around holidays because they make everything so much more festive. Grab the recipe here.


Did you learn anything new, or have you been using these tricks for years? I have only just learned to chill my cookies before baking them…why did it take me so long to learn this trick? Hopefully this list can help you with your baking adventures!

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