These 5 SPOOKY Holiday Wreaths Are Not Only Eye-Catching, They Are EASY To Make At Home!

Do you make holiday wreaths for your home? Whether you host holiday parties or just like to be greeted by a cheerful display when you come home, these festive decorations are easy, fun, and look great on your front door! Many holiday wreaths can get very complicated, but these easy to make creations will look great on any home…and they really keep the holiday “spirit” alive!
9-19a20This eyeball covered monogram isn’t technically a “wreath,” but we thought that it was just too clever to pass up! All you need is a large cut-out of your family name, a bunch of googly eyeballs, and spider’s web from any store that sells Halloween decorations (most even come with the little plastic spiders!). See more details here9-19a21This giant spider wreath is spooky and cute! The giant googly eyes move about when the door is opened and closed, and the legs move about as well! Turn your entire doorway into a spider’s lair! See details on this project here.9-19a22Transform your front door into a MONSTER! Other crafters have mentioned that this wreath could easily be transformed into a favorite character by changing the color of the tulle to red or blue! If you’ve got kids, this one might be a great idea! See details here.9-19a23Make a black wreath with a few pops! of color! Orange, purple, green, blue, or even a black and white theme will be spooky with a little raven nesting in the middle! See details here.9-19a24This wreath may be the easiest of them all. Tie on wooden letters to spell BOO!, tie on a big plastic spider, and loop white yarn through a regular wreath to instantly create a spooky vibe!The best part? You can detach them after the holiday and use it for autumn! See details here.


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