These 5 DIY Halloween Decorations Are Too Easy…And VERY Spooky!

Hosting a Halloween party, or expecting to hand out treats to little trick-or-treaters? These quick and easy decorations are creepy enough to count as decorations…and easy enough to take just a few minutes of your time!

Want a spooky lamp to cast shadows on the walls? Tape some creepy cut-outs to the inside of a lamp! See details here.9-20a8Let the guests be shocked when they go to wash their hands! Squeeze some plastic creepy-crawlers into clear soap dispensers for a quick and easy shock! See details here.9-20a12Cut designs out of black poster board and tape it to your front window. Hang orange (or blue, or white, or green…whatever you have lying around!) lights and use a white sheet or table cloth as a backdrop!9-20a9Place spooky stickers onto mason jars, spray paint the entire jar with black, orange, gold, purple, or green paint before taking the stickers off! Place tea lights inside and you’ve got outdoor lighting that will creep everyone out.┬áSee details here.
9-20a30Turn your table into a giant witch! Drape a black table cloth, put striped hose on the table legs, and fit old boots on the ends! Instant spooks!9-20a31BONUS: If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, transform some old containers into sinister ingredients with some hot glue, paint, and a bits of odds and ends! See details here.9-20a11These decorations are easy and quick – perfect for last minute party decor! Will you be trying any of these in your home?


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