These 20 Things Are Classy If You’re Rich…But Trashy If You’re Poor!

Sometimes, the difference is just the setting. I suppose society will continue to be judgmental no matter what the situation, but I will admit to chuckling half-heartedly at a couple of these…if only because I have been in these exact situations at different points in my life! Yikes!

1. Having someone drive you around. Sure, I’m in the back alone and it’s a limousine. But you add one stranger and suddenly it’s the city bus and I have to put my pants back on.

2. Day Drinking. A minimum wage employee can’t enjoy a cold beer at lunch. Meanwhile the boss gets to have mimosas during a business brunch, beer at business lunch, and wine for business ‘we went home early’.

3. Revealing dresses. Unfortunately, the sidewalk is not the red carpet.

4. Having a lot of kids. Bonus points for having one named Junior.

5. Inbreeding. Famously done by rednecks and royalty.

6. Having a dinner table made out of a re-purposed door. It’s arty and classy only if the reason you’re doing it isn’t financial.

7. Gambling.

8. If you are weird and rich people call you eccentric, but if you are weird and poor people call you crazy.

9. Getting trashed in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. The only difference is the price of the alcohol. And whether or not the alcohol was distilled in the general vicinity of the cabin.

10. Having animal skins and parts in your house. It’s only classy to keep stuffed dead animals if you also have a lot of money.

11. Living off your parents wealth.

12. Florida.

13. Eating snails. Cool if you’re doing it in a fancy French restaurant, not so cool if you’re scrounging random slugs from the pavement and popping them in your mouth.

14. Drinking copious amounts of wine. As long as it comes out of a bottle and not a box.

15. Multiple cars on your property. A garage full of sports cars is cool, but a front yard crammed with rusting junkers isn’t quite the same.

16. Riding a bike to work.

17. Getting financial handouts from the government.

18. Designer handbags.¬†Even if you actually bought a real one, if you’re poor everyone will assume it’s fake.

19. Being on a first name basis with a judge.

20. Wearing worn-looking or torn clothing.

Are these spot-on, or could they use some work? It can be hard to pinpoint exactly where the line is between the two extremes, but hey, everybody has to make a living! One day, the distribution of wealth might even out, but until then, I’ll just keep decorating my house with animal skins and wearing knock-off handbags! Oops.

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