These 13 Nail Designs Are Perfect For FALL! Simple, Elegant, and Festive!

Having a cute manicure is a quick and easy way to accessorize your outfit without having to worry about it! You can be cute with your nails or elegant, soft or chic. There really is no limit as long as you have the patience to do them or get them done every week. I might go a few weeks without painting my nails, but I always feel like my outfit is complete when I have a cute manicure! Take a look at these trending styles and see if you can recreate them! Sometimes I give up and take a picture of what I want to the salon if it’s a bit too complicated, but I love all of these so much!


This cute fox is a fun way to say “Autumn is here!” the little paws are so cute! I might do this with a darker background because I don’t have white polish, but this is just too cute! What do you think of little animals prancing across your nails?


These leaves are so intricate! With a very thin brush, you could do these as well! The tree branches spread across 3 nails, and those little leaves are too much! I love them! This is perfect for fall!

This subtle brown mixed with gold and beige really allow those golden accent stickers to POP! Those leaves are really well done and I want to try this one as soon as possible! I have these colors hiding in my bathroom cabinet! What about you?


This is a very classy look. The matte polish makes those sparkles REALLY sparkle, and that perfect shade of plum is on everyone’s lists this year! I need it. I need it.11.4m

This look is so simple! The brown, orange, and gold glitter polish looks great over any of these colors! Use a sponge to apply the glitters without getting too much clear polish onto your nails. You can make the glitter very dense using a sponge instead of a brush, so try it out for yourself and see if this is the look for you!


These nails remind me of a beautiful painting! The leaves and vines are painted on with a thin brush, and the accent nail matches perfectly! This is a darker look that will work with any other colors that you might have lying around. You can use a paintbrush to try this out, too!


Do you like glitter? Do you like drawing on your nails? Great! This look is fun and sparkly – my two favorite things! See what different color combinations you can make with your darker colors! Your nails will look like fallen, crunchy leaves in no time.


This look reminds me of my grandmother’s house! She loved these simple flower prints. Everything from the dish towels to the throw pillows looked similar to this. This have a very classic feel to them, and they make me feel right at home!


This look will require some gold striping tape, but it is well worth it! Just look at these nails! The navy blue fits in perfectly with the colder months, and it’s a subtle accent to your outfit without being too distracting. Love!


These are very popular colors this fall! These muted grays and reds and oranges have such a cozy feel to them, that this will look great even without the little gold sticker! What color would you paint your thumbs?


I love this one because it’s easy! Choose a color and dab on some orange and gold glitter on one area of your nail! It’s a dramatic look without being too overpowering. Nice, simple, and fun!11.4f

This is an easy look! All you need is your favorite shade of fall and some gold glitter! Choose your accent nail and have fun! You can quickly recreate this look on your toes to match your hands! They are so gorgeous.


This might take a bit of practice, but these layered leaves are stunning! You can try these yourself with a thin paint brush or a striping brush! I like to practice on a piece of paper before I try it out on my nails. The results will be worth it!

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