These 12 Snack Time Foods Will Get The Kids LOVING Fruit Again! So Cute!

It’s that time again…snack time! It comes around once a day – and the kids usually want something really unhealthy like chips or soda or candy. Getting them to make better choices can sometimes be a challenge, but with these cute and clever ideas, getting them to want to eat healthier snacks is easier than it sounds! Try a few of these out and see if you can’t spot the difference during snack time!


Catch the instructions here and make snack time an adventure! You can use peanut butter or cream cheese to stick everything together, and don’t forget those eyes! This snack is an entire apple, but since it is all sliced up, there’s a better chance the kids will eat more of it. Sneaky, sneaky!


Want to add some fun to those bananas? Melt some chocolate and use M&Ms to create the feet and beaks! You can use pre-made eyeballs or create your own with royal icing and food coloring. These are very cute, and you can serve them frozen or at room temperature. Who wouldn’t want to munch on this at snack time?


Oh, so cute! These are adorable and fun to eat! If your kids can’t eat peanut butter, you can substitute a little bit of caramel (I know, I know, but the apple needs to stick in there!) or cream cheese if necessary. Check out the how-to over here and get creative with your animal creations!


Mmm! These are made with Jell-O mix and grapes…yes, that’s it! See the instructions here. You can serve these frozen, chilled, or at room temperature. I prefer them chilled – but they taste best if you leave them to sit in the fridge overnight! Delicious and glittery! I love it.


Making your own fruit leather is easier than it sounds, although you will need to prepare it several hours in advance. This treat needs to be dried out in the oven for 3 – 4 hours to become perfect, so check out this recipe and make these yourself! They are so much healthier than the store-bought roll ups!


You might want to save this fruit-train for the older kids, but I’m sure they would love to help out! Using toothpicks and an adult to slice the fruit, create trains, cars, buildings, or anything they can imagine with fruit! The only catch? They have to eat it all!


Line up your “caterpillars” and add on eyes made of sugar! If you have the time, you can make these “eyeballs” with royal icing, or just dab on some icing with a few specks of chocolate. Get creative – the kids will love this fun and quirky treat!


Who doesn’t love a good rainbow? The colors alone will get hose little ones excited for snack time! Everything is twice as exciting on a skewer, so pick your favorites (or whatever is in season!) and skewer them into snack sized portions! Delicious and fun!11.3l


Look at this adorable fruit cup! Who wouldn’t want to munch on one of these? And it is infinitely better than cookies or candies. These are cute and easy to make! Just remember to use a clear cup! Recipe11.3d

How fun are these?! Be mindful of the toothpicks, but these are so cute! You can make them with apples and whatever fruits you happen to have lying around. I think making art with food is a great way to incorporate snack time along with play time, and this is a great way to do it! Get the step-by-step instructions here.


Yes! Puree and freeze fruits in popsicle form and give the kids a fun treat! If they already love popsicles, this is a great way to transition them on to eating healthier snacks. If the “whole” fruit is too scary, blend it in as well so that it’s a bit more disguised. These look delicious! Recipe11.3n

Alright, so just because they called it “pizza” doesn’t mean the kids will be fooled for even one second, but it does look pretty tasty and I can see them chowing down on this snack just as easily! It has vanilla pudding and colorful fruits! Load yours up with any fruits that you have on hand, and use cookie cutter shapes for melons! Make it fun! Recipe

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