These 12 Adorable Pets Bundled Up In Their Winter Coats Will Have You Excited For Chilly Weather!

It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting colder and it’s time to break out those comfy sweaters…in my house, that means the dogs, too! They each have their own little “doggy coat,” and although I do have some boots for them, they will rarely sit still enough for me to put them on their tiny doggy paws! Protecting our pets from the harsh winter is a necessity…but it’s also the cutest thing EVER! Do your pets enjoy their winter clothes, or is it a struggle to snap their hoodies and secure their booties?


Awww, puppy’s first winter coat! You know, he does not look like he is enjoying that one single bit! I have a feeling that he will love his new coat once he steps out into the snow! What a cute pooch! 11.10g

This pug looks like he loves his sweater…but it might be a little bit too small! Mom, it’s time to knit our pug friend a new sweater! But just look at how majestic this guy is! Too cute!


Ah, fashion! This poodle in his matching scarf and hat is just missing one thing…the cover of Vogue! He’s just so fabulous!


Oh! This little guy is too cute for words! His matching sweater and GIANT puff ball is too much for me! I just want to hold him and pet him forever!


Now THIS chihuahua loves the spotlight! Look at how expertly he poses for the camera with his scarf! It’s almost bigger than he is!


This curious whippet is all bundled up…but does he have booties on?! That’s a lot of snow! I hope he’s not too cold!


Oops! Someone didn’t want to put on their winter coat…but quickly regretted their decision! This is definitely how my doggies are. They don’t want their bulky coats and confusing booties, but they also don’t want to be frozen! This dog is just too much. So many snowflakes!


Someone is excited to be wearing their winter jumpsuit! This one must be brand new because the white yarn is SPOTLESS! I learned not to buy white sweaters for my dogs because they turn brown and muddy VERY quickly! They are basically toddlers when you put them in clothing!


These siblings seem to be just a little bit confused as to why mom stopped and sat down. Um, excuse me, we’re supposed to be on a WALK, not a PICTURE! I love their hats! My dogs would never let me put them in hats…they love for their ears to be free. Even in the chilliest of weather!


Oh, no! An elf has escaped Santa’s workshop! Wait…that’s an adorable dog, not an adorable elf! His little eyes are just too much! Look at how soft and fuzzy he is in his little hoodie!


This guy is SO EXCITED to be in his vest! The hood won’t stay on, but it sure is great to be warm! Now we can play ALL DAY without getting cold! This is a great picture! It captures everything it means to be a dog!


And last but not least, this most fashionable pooch is just SO on trend! Those buckled booties, that puffy hat (with room for the ears, of course!), that spotted parka, and even some leather pants! This little fashionista is adorable. It makes me wish I could dress my doggies like this!

Do you have winter clothes for your dogs? Maybe just some boots or a sweater? This is adorable! I love all of these little dogs!

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