There’s Something Not Quite Right With These “Goldfish!” He Wanted To Prove That His Sister Wouldn’t Notice

Samuel Annis enjoys playing little pranks on his sister, but some think that this one went a little too far. (We’ll leave that judgment up to you!)

To prove that his sister didn’t deserve to be in charge of two pet goldfish, he sneaked into her room and swapped them out…with two baby carrots. It seems crazy, and you would think that she would have noticed immediately.

…Four days later, she still hadn’t caught on.Goldfish owners pointed out that keeping them in that jug in the first place would have killed them quicker, and the lack of environment was bad for the fish anyway. There was a jar of fish food nearby, but she hadn’t touched it! How were these fish still alive in the first place? People wanted answers.

Samuel placed the goldfish in his own fish tank and reassured everyone that the fish now receive regular meals and have a more exciting area to explore each day.

Maybe she figured it out on day one and realized that her brother had taken over the care of her fish…or maybe she forgot that she owned fish in the first place!

It’s nearly 5 days later, and we still don’t have an answer…at least her fish are safe!

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