There’s An Easy Way To Tell If Your Cat Is “Right-Pawed” Or “Left-Pawed” According To One Cat Lover!

That’s right, you can give your favorite feline friend a test to discover which paw is their dominant paw! Don’t worry, kitty, you can’t fail this test!

First, you’ll need a cat. Any cat will do, but preferably your own cat.

Second, you’ll need a glass!

Third, you’ll need a small cat treat or a piece of delicious kibble.

Most cats will use their dominant paw first when trying to retrieve the treat.

60% of cats are right-pawed! This means that they will naturally use their right paw to retrieve things, or take the first step. Similar to humans, the cat’s dominant paw is usually the right one and is used for just about everything! They are clumsy when they try to use their left.

This little cat is right-pawed! Look at him cradling that delicious kibble!

This cat is left-pawed. After doing this test multiple times, the owner can safely assume which paws are dominant for her cats!3.22a16 Some cats will dive in face-first. Alright, I was wrong, it is possible to fail this test. Oh, kitty…he figured it out later on in the “exam,” so perhaps he’ll get extra credit for trying.

Only 10% of cats seem to be ambidextrous!

Try this test out with your cats and see if you can tell which paw they prefer! It’s not particularly useful information, but if you film it, I’m sure your friends would love to see your adorable cats playing with glasses and kibble!

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