There’s A New Dating App That Will Pair You With People Based On Things You Both HATE!

Many people have been searching for love for decades. They try countless dating websites and apps but never seem to find the right person. A person can spend hours filling out questionnaires with all of their favorite activities and hobbies…but what about all the things we DON’T like?

An app, simply titled “Hater” matches users up with others that hate the same things as them. The concept is easy and we’re wondering why no one came up with it before.

Instead of trying to fluff up your self-image with all of your wonderful qualities, why not just be honest and give a list of all the things you hate in life?

After testing the app in New York City, some of the most hated things were the presidential election of 2016, bad sidewalk etiquette, and hair in the shower drain. The most loved things were the ocean, guacamole, and mom.

The app doesn’t set out to encourage hate or negative behavior, but to show strangers the “real” you that won’t lie about hating long walks on the beach or romcom movies.

What do you think of this unique app?

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